If you find yourself at the 2014 NAB Show in Las Vegas, make sure you stop by the Sony booth and check out the latest offering from storageFOUNDRY, the 2400rs Removable Dual Magazine Storage System.  The 2400rs is paired up with Sony's popular F55 and demonstrating how easy it is to capture and playback XAVC files on a ruggedized, dual hot-swappable removable disk magazines.

The 4K adoption rate for hardware manufactures and software developers is rapidly increasing and Sony is actively stoking the fire with their XAVC and XAVC S format.  It doesn't hurt that Sony developed XAVC as an open format and designed the codec for maximum flexibility that supports two different 4K resolutions as well as 2K resolutions, HD, and proxy resolutions.

The success of Sony's 4K capable cameras, i.e., PMWF55, PMWF5, etc., and the growth of the entire 4K ecosystem, there is no doubt that 4K will become the new standard in the video industry for big budget feature films as well as TV, entertainment shows, live sports, documentaries, and commercials.

Seizing on this trend, storageFOUNDRY's 2400rs makes it possible to capture and playback XAVC files with run times that range from 12.36 to 24.72 hours per drive magazine in a RAID 5 configuration depending on the number of drives in each magazine.  The ability to remove the disk magazines offers unparalleled storage flexibility for on-site, on-location applications.  And the rugged military spec chassis ensures data integrity and operational reliability.

The 2400rs is available as a single or dual controller (HA) chassis with either 10Gb Ethernet or 8Gb fibre channel interface.  The 2400rs is designed for high throughput with Mirror Mode for simultaneous recording on both magazines with write speeds of 700MB/sec on each magazine.

  • April 08, 2014
  • Paul Evans
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