Once touted as the centerpiece of future IT strategy, the cloud is undergoing a huge reality check that has dampened some of the enthusiasm. Costly disasters, random outages, and even concerns over government spying have slowed the growth of cloud adoption, particularly in the area of backup and recovery.

Many of the objections IT leaders have to the cloud today have sprung from myths that have reached urban-legend status. Simply put, cloud backup isn't as fraught with peril as some observers believe it to be.

Download the new white paper from Seagate-eVault, "Four Myths of Cloud Backup," that looks at four of the popular and damaging myths surrounding cloud backup and recovery and sets them straight--and in so doing, affirm that the cloud remains not only a viable option for backup but among the best of them.


Download >> Four Myths of Cloud Backup

  • April 10, 2014
  • Paul Evans
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