Cloud LTS, powered by SEAGATE eVault

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Long-Term Cloud Archive built to manage and preserve digital content for decades Cloud storage built on OpenStack, accessible via OpenStack Swift and S3 APIs:  Eliminates vendor and data lock-in. Comprehensive service level agreements (SLAs) for data durability, availability, portability and survivorship:  Critical considerations for any cloud service, especially for long-term archiving Highly scalable to the multi-exabyte level:  Cloud storage service with objects organized...

Daystrom Support Incident

$ 795.00

Per Incident Support for after-hours support on WHD ticket 4767 for Invoice OE-10442

Expedited Shipping on MAV Plus 16 x16

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Shipping to arrive on Monday by 3pm

MAV Plus 16 x16

$ 1,494.00

MAV Plus 16 x16

Nautilus 4K

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For HD, 2K, 4K, and resolutions beyond, the unique cluster design and multi- threaded, open-source client enables throughput to scale-up as the system scales-out, even for High Frame Rate workloads delivered to a single station. Storage Nodes quickly link together via low-cost 10G, 40G, or 56G links to provide flexible deployments that automatically re-size to need, and supported technologies like...