If You Build it... Data Will Come

When an appliance or an off-the-shelf solution won't do, then it's time to build your own system.  storageFOUNDRY offers a full line of Modular Storage Enclosures for the true DIY data architect.  Our line of rugged, reliable, Enterprise-qualified and field-proven enclosures have set the standard at dozens of Fortune 500 data centers and data production environments.


storageFOUNDRY provides a wide selection of performance-hardened hardware, and you supply the labor.

6030s-60 Storage Enclosures

$ 9,799.00

60 is the new 24 It was only a few years ago when a 24-bay JBOD was considered high density.  Those days are over, driven by business demands for higher scalability, more efficient rack utilization, and lower operating costs. The storageFOUNDRY 6030s-60 addresses today’s relentless data growth with an ultra dense, cost effective solution. Housing 60 hot-swappable 3.5” SAS or...