For HD, 2K, 4K, and resolutions beyond, the unique cluster design and multi- threaded, open-source client enables throughput to scale-up as the system scales-out, even for High Frame Rate workloads delivered to a single station.

Storage Nodes quickly link together via low-cost 10G, 40G, or 56G links to provide flexible deployments that automatically re-size to need, and supported technologies like RDMA and NVMe wring maximum value from commodity components.

In the high-pressure world of media and content, NAUTILUS 4K addresses the need for fast, flexible, and cost-effective storage that delivers classic SAN and NAS protocols while ushering in the next generation of smart object storage. 

* price includes 240TB RAW storage with Flash Acceleration 

Prices start as low as:

$ 59,995.00

This product and customized versions are available upon request. Contact Us for a quote.