The storageFOUNDRY Nautilus system is the smart choice for organizations with diverse storage needs and explosive data growth. Nautilus is a massively scalable, open-source storage solution developed from the ground-up to provide object, block and file-system access in one self- managing, self-healing platform. Using a reliable non-stop architecture, this multi-streamed approach to storage grids is the flexible solution for Data Automation, High-Throughput Media or Analytics, and OpenStack Clouds.

The Nautilus C100 series are fast and dense 1U storage nodes for delivering from 48TB to 120TB in a single rack unit, with a low-service architecture to minimize in-field support needs. The C100 nodes provide a range of protocols and speeds, from 1G Ethernet to 56G InfiniBand, enabling it to create stand- alone C-series Cloud deployments, or drop into applicationtuned roles for 4K- Media, GS-Genomics and E-series deployments.

Nautilus answers the call for multi-protocol, cost-effective and scalable storage that serves up classic Enterprise Storage I/O and well as innovative direct-access data, making it the simple choice for today’s unpredictable computing needs and THE STORAGE OF EVERYTHING.

Prices start as low as:

$ 9,800.00

This product and customized versions are available upon request. Contact Us for a quote.