The 5400i storage system is an SDS-Ready (Software Defined System) enterprise platform for delivering predictable performance under demanding next-generation workloads. Multiple technical advancements work in combination to extend capacity, accelerate response time, reduce operating costs, and provide multifaceted data protection. It is a flexible and scalable solution that adeptly supports digital media, high-throughput life-sciences data, virtual systems, scale-out systems and cloud infrastructure, and is an outstanding fit for software-defined storage and system architectures.

  • Robust Hardware: 64-bit multi-core processors, expandable high-speed cache, expansive back-end bandwidth and unbreakable construction. 
  • SmartCache: Improves performance by utilizing SSD as secondary cache, lowering response times for both small-block and mixed workload environment. 
  • Standards-Based Management: Comprehensive management tools for easy integration into software-defined systems and SDDC implementations. 
  • Automated Thin-Provisioning: Automatic capacity expansion for improved disk utilization, providing use-as-you-go allocation and predictable expansion schedules. 
  • Flexible Connectivity: Supports iSCSI, FC, and FCoE host interface, intermixing of FC SAN and IP SAN networking.  Supports up to 32 Host Ports. 
  • Advanced Data Protection: Provides a rich set of data protection measures, including technologies for instant snapshot and data recovery, LUN copy technology for local data protection, and remote replication for disaster recovery operations.

  • Dual SDS-ready RAID Controller with 24GB total Cache
  • 48GB Cache Option
  • Up to ten I/O module support
  • Supports up to 1152 disk modules (HDD and SSD)
  • 24-bay Disk Enclosures:
    • (2U) with up to 21.6TB Capacity
    • (4U) with up to 96TB Capacity
  • Enclosure Bundles available for both 2U and 4U enclosures
  • Robust selection of I/O Options includes 1GbE, 10Gb FCoE, 10Gb ToE, 8Gb Fiber Channel, and 24Gb SAS
  • Optional File Engine for supporting CIFS, NFS, and FTP
  • SnapShot, LUN Copy, Replication, Clone, Thin Provisioning, SmartCache, UltraPath


  • 3-Year manufacturer warranty on all storageFOUNDRY hardware.


Available Models:

  • 54-0001     The 5400i includes all of the features listed above but does include any drives

2U Disk Enclosures

  • 53-2021     Base Model, 2U, 2.5" x 24 bay, No Drives
  • 53-2022     7.2TB bundle, includes twenty-four  300GB 10000 RPM SAS Enterprise drives
  • 53-2023     14.4TB bundle, includes twenty-four 600GB 10000 RPM SAS Enterprise drives
  • 53-2024     21.6TB bundle, includes twenty-four 900GB 10000 RPM SAS Enterprise drives

4U Disk Enclosures

  • 53-3002     14.4TB bundle, includes twenty-four 600GB 15000 RPM SAS Enterprise drives
  • 53-3003     48TB bundle, includes twenty-four 2TB 7200 RPM NL-SAS Enterprise drives
  • 53-3004     72TB bundle, includes twenty-four 3TB 7200 RPM NL-SAS Enterprise drives
  • 53-3005     96TB bundle, includes twenty-four 4TB 7200 RPM NL-SAS Enterprise drives


$ 3,400.00