5330i Dual RAID Controller

$ 9,575.00

The 5330i storage system is a 3.5" disk drive format designed for enterprise-class storage applications. It features industry-leading hardware specifications and incorporates various advanced technologies including enriched interface, hot-swappable I/O module, powerful system performance optimization, and diversified data protection technology. The 5330i meets ever increasing and complicated requirements with digital media, video surveillance, centralized storage, backup, disaster...

5400i Dual RAID Controller

$ 3,400.00

The 5400i storage system is an SDS-Ready (Software Defined System) enterprise platform for delivering predictable performance under demanding next-generation workloads. Multiple technical advancements work in combination to extend capacity, accelerate response time, reduce operating costs, and provide multifaceted data protection. It is a flexible and scalable solution that adeptly supports digital media, high-throughput life-sciences data, virtual systems,...

6030s-60 Storage Enclosures

$ 9,799.00

60 is the new 24 It was only a few years ago when a 24-bay JBOD was considered high density.  Those days are over, driven by business demands for higher scalability, more efficient rack utilization, and lower operating costs. The storageFOUNDRY 6030s-60 addresses today’s relentless data growth with an ultra dense, cost effective solution. Housing 60 hot-swappable 3.5” SAS or...

BlackMagic Hyperdeck Shuttle 2

$ 364.00

Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Shuttle 2 SSD Video Recorder, 2.5" SATA SSD Drives, HD-SDI Input & Output

Cloud LTS, powered by SEAGATE eVault

$ 0.03

Long-Term Cloud Archive built to manage and preserve digital content for decades Cloud storage built on OpenStack, accessible via OpenStack Swift and S3 APIs:  Eliminates vendor and data lock-in. Comprehensive service level agreements (SLAs) for data durability, availability, portability and survivorship:  Critical considerations for any cloud service, especially for long-term archiving Highly scalable to the multi-exabyte level:  Cloud storage service with objects organized...

Daystrom Support Incident

$ 795.00

Per Incident Support for after-hours support on WHD ticket 4767 for Invoice OE-10442