The storageFOUNDRY 4224v Series is a complete server virtualization management solution built on Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) and storageFOUNDRY's high density multi-node server, giving you the competitive advantage to quickly meet customer demands without compromising
on availability, security, or performance.
  The 4224v provides the performance advantages, competitive pricing, and the trusted, stable environment you expect from storageFOUNDRY and Red Hat.

Building on the powerful RHEV hypervisor and the popular oVirt open virtualization management project, RHEV is a true strategic virtualization alternative to proprietary platforms.

With RHEV you can:

  • Take advantage of existing people skills and investments
  • Decrease TCO and accelerate ROI
  • Automate time-consuming and complicated manual tasks
  • Standardize storage, infrastructure, and networking services on OpenStack


By combining storageFOUNDRY's 4224v Series server hardware with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, you have a fully engineered and integrated foundation for traditional virtualization workloads while also providing an on-ramp to high-level cloud functionality based on OpenStack.


Key RHEV Features Include: RHEV graphic

  • Enhanced OpenStack network service (Neutron) and image service (Glance) integration
  • Advanced multi-host network configuration capabilities
  • Mixed storage domain types within a single datacenter
  • Storage enhancements around virtual disk management for better backup and disaster recovery
  • iSCSI multipathing
  • High availability
  • Live migration and snapshots
  • Storage live migration
  • Policy-based automated workload balancing
  • Image management
  • Thin provisioning
  • Integrated VDI

storageFOUNDRY makes it easy for you to implement RHEV with a preconfigured 4224v-3 server platform.  This high density multi-node server provides a single Manager and two Hypervisors in a 2U chassis fully configured and ready for deployment based on the Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 product family.


4224v-3 Key Specs:

 Manager Node Hypervisor
E5-2620 single processor E5-2660 dual processor
Two 128GB SSDs Two 128GB SSDs
2 x 10GbE ports 2 x 10GbE ports
2 x 16Gb fibre channel


The 4224v-3 is a perfect entry point for RHEV workloads but we also recognize that your needs may require customization.  We are here to help.  Just click the "Contact Us" link below and let us know what you need and we'll send you a complete quote.

Prices start as low as:

$ 26,699.00

This product and customized versions are available upon request. Contact Us for a quote.