The storageFOUNDRY 5320i storage system is a 2.5" disk drive format designed for enterprise-class storage applications.  It features industry-leading hardware specifications and incorporates various advanced technologies including enriched interface, hot-swappable I/O module, powerful system performance optimization, and diversified data protection technology.  The 5320i meets ever increasing and complicated requirements with digital media, video surveillance, centralized storage, backup, disaster recovery, and data migration applications while costing only the price of entry-level products without compromising service security and continuity.
  • Industry-leading hardware specifications: 64-bit multi-core processors and high-speed cache, up to 32GB/s bandwidth for internal data exchange, SAS 2.0 wide-port back-end channels eliminating hardware bottlenecks.
  • Multiple disk types: Supports SAS, SATA and SSD disks for on-demand configuration.
  • Multiple host connectivity: Supports both fibre channel and iSCSI host interface, intermixing of FC SAN and IP SAN networking. Increasing storage resource sharing, IT infrastructure utilization, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Powerful scalability: Standard 8 x 8Gbit/s fibre channel ports. Supports up to 256 hosts with a maximum of 528 hard disks, meeting the capacity expansion requirements of small and medium enterprise.


  • Dual RAID Controller with 16GB total Cache
  • Up to 21.6TB Capacity
  • Controller Bundles available (7.2TB, 14.4TB, and 21.6TB)
  • Eight 8Gb Fibre Channel Ports with Optics
  • Four 24Gb SAS Ports


  • 24-bay Disk Enclosure (2U) with up to 21.6TB Capacity
  • Enclosure Bundles available (7.2TB, 14.4TB, and 21.6TB)
  • 32GB Cache Option
  • 10Gb FCoE and ToE Interface Modules
  • File Engine Option for CIFS, NFS, and FTP


  • SnapShot, LUN Copy, Replication, Clone
  • Thin Provisioning, SmartCache, UltraPath


 3-Year manufacturer warranty on all storageFOUNDRY hardware.


Available Models:

  • 53-2001     The Controller base model includes all of the features listed above but does include any drives
  • 53-2002     7.2TB bundle, includes twenty-four 300GB 10000 RPM SAS Enterprise drives
  • 53-2003     14.4TB bundle, includes twenty-four 600GB 10000 RPM SAS Enterprise drives
  • 53-2004     21.6TB bundle, includes twenty-four 900GB 10000 RPM SAS Enterprise drives


$ 10,010.00