Cloud Gateway software from Nuage Labs connects any Cloud storage service including Amazon S3 and Openstack compatible providers. No API integration is required, data is stored on the Cloud, encrypted during transfers and can be replicated between multiple Clouds. Your Cloud storage area works as a local filesystem that you can export as a NAS through NFS, CIFS...

Cloud Gateway supports industry-standard storage protocols that work with your existing applications. Our cloud storage gateway provides low-latency performance by maintaining frequently accessed data cached while securely storing all of your data encrypted and replicated at the cloud storage provider of your choice.


Who is using Cloud Gateway?

Cloud Gateway is used by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations alike. Cloud Gateway delivers an improved, simplified and more secured experience in dealing with cloud storage.
Cloud Gateway – is unique. It is an intermediary between Cloud storage solutions such as Amazon S3, Rackspace or any other OpenStack public or private Cloud service.
Adopt Cloud Gateway today and fully enjoy the flexibility of Cloud storage without its downside:
    •    No API integration required
    •    No reliance on a single provider
    •    Additional security on data exchange and data confidentiality improvement.


Why would you choose Cloud Gateway Enterprise?

Cloud Gateway Enterprise provides all the essential storage gateway features found in Cloud Gateway SME including:

    •    Flexible Cloud Storage
A key advantage in using Cloud storage is the unlimited physical storage constraint. Your own local volume that could be mounted trough NFS thanks to Cloud Gateway can bear as much data as you would like to store. No saturation issue, no evolution issue, total flexibility, it's virtually infinite.

    •    On demand and cost-effective storage
Thanks to cloud storage, you only pay for what you use. The Cloud Gateway software license fee is under a hundred dollars per month. Your storage costs become fully flexible. You don’t need to invest in the acquisition of expensive storage solutions of several Tera-Bytes which will be under-used. No more storage limit and your storage costs is directly related to your need for expanded / reduced storage.

    •    No API and no development required
Using Cloud Gateway means there is no initial investment in API integration. Moving to Cloud storage is only a few clicks away without modifying the way your application is functioning in any way = Time & Cost efficiency.

    •    The choice of Cloud storage providers is yours
Once connected via Cloud Gateway, no source code modification of your software is required to integrate a proprietary API, therefore you keep your freedom. Switching Cloud storage provider is up to you and only one click away. You can also change back to a traditional local storage avoiding any technical issue. You are completely independent and are able to use competitive tension amongst providers to obtain best possible terms on your data storage.

    •    No lock-up through a proprietary API
Your own storage local volume is mounted through NFS (Network File System) or CIFS (Common Internet File System) on your own platform as though your storage is dealt with locally on your own network. Re-internalisation of your data is possible at any time without any technical or commercial difficulty.

PLUS these key Enterprise Features:

High Performance
A question often raised on data accessibility through the Cloud is performance limitation while accessing files stored on the Cloud. Cloud Gateway solves this key issue, integrating a cache mechanism to its solution. Although caches performance mostly depend on the equipment on which they are deployed as well as the allocated size, our team is proud to confirm that access performance are highly improved compared to a direct Cloud storage (access to files not being dependent upon DNS or HTTP(S) requests and not being constrained by bandwidth between your application and the Cloud storage provider.


High Availability
Cloud Gateway accentuates security and data integrity. Our service enables you to opt for storage with data replication (mirroring) between several cloud storage providers, therefore reducing risks from temporary or extended service seizure from your chosen cloud storage provider, to a minimum. For example, if your storage service is split between Amazon S3 and Rackspace, how would you be impacted should one of them experience a service interruption for several hours? You would not be! That’s what we call “extra security” at Cloud Gateway!


AES Encryptions up to 256bits
With Cloud Gateway, all data flows between various storage providers and your own platform, but also all data stored at the Cloud storage provider level can be encrypted. This specific functionality lifts a hurdle and concern with Cloud storage solutions. In this instance there is no confidentiality issue, your storage providers will not be able to decrypt your data and there is no doubt about data safety. Your data is securely exchanged and stored.

On-the-fly Compression
According to data storage typology, our compression system as integrated in Cloud Gateway can reach factors close to 95%. The level of compression can easily be configured balancing out the quantity of space used at the storage provider level, data access time, and CPU and memory charge available on your platform.


Cloud Gateway Enterprise is offered as a Monthly Software License starting at $399/month.  A perpetual license is also available through storageFOUNDRY.  Please contact us for further details.


$ 399.00