The storageFOUNDRY Nautilus-E48 is a production-level, open-source storage foundation packing an amazing list of capabilities in a full rack, turn-key 48U form-factor: 

  • 3.6PB raw storage using low-power/high-density HDDs
  • Massive-scale, online expansion powered by Ceph
  • Self-managing, self-healing design w/ built-In GeoDistribution
  • RAID1-style protection for Performance / Erasure-coded storage for Capacity
  • Optional hybrid-storage pools using low-latency HGST FlashMax II PCIe SSDs
  • Optional redundant 1G/10G/40G network connectivity included featuring Mellanox Ethernet switches
  • Modular, Enterprise-Class hardware with easy-to-service, hot-swappable components
  • Reliably-engineered with HGST Helioseal 6TB Ultrastar He6 helium-filled disk drives
  • Block, File, Object, and API-based storage 
  • Local, Remote and Cloud access via a broad set of protocols:
    • Block:  In-Kernel RBD and iSCSI
    • File:  SMB2 / NFS
    • Objects:  S3 / SWIFT
    • API:  LIBRADOS Native
  • Management & Monitoring provided via API, SNMP, CLI and Web GUI

Prices start as low as:

$ 772,000.00

This product and customized versions are available upon request. Contact Us for a quote.