The Best Way to Run OpenStack

Open-V's Ozone CloudStacks make deploying and managing OpenStack® ridiculously easy, and delivers 100% of the core OpenStack services & APIs without modification. Just like you, we don’t believe in vendor lock-in. Open-V also supports the Amazon Web Services (AWS) APIs, making it easy to deploy and migrate your applications.

Platform, Application, Software, and System as a Service with AppStacks

Deploy applications in seconds with Open-V Ozone AppStacks.  Platform as a Service (PaaS) has long been touted as the most compelling way to speed application delivery within enterprise organizations. Yet for those wanting the power of PaaS in a secure environment, there hasn’t been a good answer, until now. Imagine the power of an application store inside of a cloud appliance, with access to developer tools, infrastructure and communication systems, and applications all on-demand.  Thats AppStacks!

Easy, Complete, Internal Infrastructure as a Service

Some private cloud offerings require massive in-house engineering or consulting efforts; while others leave the feeling that they forced cloud into existing product-lines after the fact, without fully embracing IaaS concepts and benefits. The Ozone CloudStack captures the full range of IaaS concepts and functionality in a powerful, simple-to-deploy system.


CloudStacks put the agility of public clouds behind your firewall with click-to-compute capability that allows users to access the resources they need almost instantly.

Enterprise Ready

Capture the innovation of the OpenStack® community without putting your neck on the line. OpenStack is a secure, tested, supported, and proven technology used at major corporations, governments, and militaries worldwide.

Turn-key Cloud

Ozone CloudStacks deliver all the software & hardware you need for a private IaaS cloud: operating system, hypervisor, software-defined storage, servers & software-defined-network management. Eliminate the hassle of testing and certification, and focus on your apps.

The Scale You Need

Ozone CloudStacks allow you to start with the compute & storage you need today, & scale seamlessly across multiple racks tomorrow. This is achieved through a simple, expandable network architecture that presents itself as a single device on your network.

Disruptive Economics

By combining open source software, high-performance server hardware and system design based on the OpenCompute design philosophy, Open-V's Ozone CloudStacks deliver superior price/performance compared to alternative cloud solutions.

Security and Compliance

Many recognize the benefits of agility, efficiency, and scale that IaaS provides, but find that public providers do not fit the bill. Private cloud systems provide the same benefits in provisioning and management, but overcome the hurdles of using public, off-site, shared infrastructure. A private cloud deployed in your data centers provides physical security, regulatory compliance, and direct connections to existing data, users, and resources with all the benefits of public IaaS providers.

Prices start as low as:

$ 218,364.00

This product and customized versions are available upon request. Contact Us for a quote.